Regenerative Medicine


Regenerative Medicine


Stem Cell Treatment

STEM CELL treatment at MOTOR CITY STEM CELL can help relieve chronic or acute PAIN.  Come visit us in Birmingham, MI or Bloomfield, ​MI today for help.​  Treatment usually begins with applying STEM CELL CREAM.  This cream has the same anti-inflammatory properties as our actual stem cell product but is formulated as a cream.  Some people notice almost instant relief from using cream alone, but the effects are only lasting 12 hours or less.

Once we identify which areas we are treating we begin OZONE therapy.  Ozone is injected under the skin and near the areas we are treating.  Ozone is injected as a gas and has significant anti inflammatory effects.  In some people, we choose to use serial ozone injections instead of stem cell therapy.

Although ozone is painful, relief is only a few minutes away and improved pain and function can be realized in a short few minutes.

At this time we use STEM CELL THERAPY.​  Stem cells are injected under the skin in the area of injury.  We take advantage of the "homing" quality of mesenchymal stem cells.  Generally there are NO INTR-AARTICULAR JOINT INJECTIONS.


Stem Cells have cosmetic applications.  The ​STEM CELL CREAM can be used twice a day to keep skin moist and reduce swelling.  Over time the cream can reduce wrinkles.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) are injected under the skin across the forehead, around the eyes and mouth.  Over time the stem cells 

rebuild the collagen matrix under the skin. Concentrated Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) injected under the skin improves blood flow, reduces inflammation, and stimulates your own stem cells to rebuild from the ground up.

Instead of using a chemical filler to prop up the skin or using a neurotoxin to paralyze the muscle layer and flatten the skin, use a NATURAL, SAFE ​product.  Another great BENEFIT?.  ​Actually look like YOURSELF and NOT PLASTIC.


  • STEM CELL CREAM                    $300
  • OZONE                                         $350
  • STEM CELL                     $1200 and up

Stem Cell Treatment near Bloomfield, MI

Regenerative Medicine